Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Re-doing My Kitchen

You know, DIY projects always sound so great in the planning stages. You start dreaming and suddenly you can "see" the finished project. It is really exciting and motivating. That lasts usually about 2 days for me. Then you are left with a kitchen that has the wallpaper off, ugly walls, exposed blemishes that you have to spackle and sand. I am sick of my kitchen now!! I don't last very long sanding. It is SOOOOOO boring!!! I am ready to paint and see the new!!! ARGH!! So, what am I doing? I am sleeping in, getting on facebook, and writing on my blog. I MUST get up now and go work. I will get there, and when I do? It will be a thing to behold.
Until next time,
Mrs. M.

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