Tuesday, September 1, 2009


She burst out the door into the sunshine. The cool breeze of September swirled around her as she danced down the sidewalk. An onlooker earlier would have seen a very different woman go inside the building. She was holding her hip, and the concentration on her face belied the anxiety she felt. She clung to her husband as they walked down the sidewalk. Something happened inside the building. Something that changed her life. At least for today.

We all long for these days in our lives. Days in which the load we carry is lighter, or taken away, even if for just a little while. We long for the yellow, the sunshine in our lives and dread the dark days that inevitably come. But I find that I live my life somewhere in between most days. On a continuum between dark and light, I live somewhere around the middle but closer to the light. I realized today that I so rarely am living in this bright yellow, that I am giddy, dancing with joy. I wish for more of these days, I am greedy. Yet, if all my days were this bright...then I wouldn't appreciate them.

On an entirely different note. Dishrag tag has started. You can see my progress bar on the right. I think I am one person away from getting the box. I bought my yarn and picked out my pattern! I am excited!!!

Well, I hope today you will take time to appreciate the yellow in your life. I hope you experience your share of those days.
Until next time,
Mrs. M

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