Friday, March 27, 2009


When I sit in my place of worship, I feel safe. Not always emotionally safe, as I am the preacher's wife and with that comes some vulnerability. But physically safe. I never worry about my safety or that of my kids. Yes, we have people of all walks of life in our building, but we are safe together. As I listened to NPR this morning, I heard a story of yet another mosque in Palestine being bombed. Fifty people are known to be dead at this time. It made me think about faith. During this Lenten season, we are remembering Jesus' walk during this time. He was heading toward his death and resurrection. He KNEW what was coming, or that is what the Bible says. But even if he didn't know with the certainty of omniscience, he had to know something was up. He was not the most popular person in his area. Yet he kept on. Jews and Muslims in the Middle East are at war with each other. Each time they enter their place of worship, they know they are targets because of their faith. Yet they keep going. I am wondering....if someone bombed a church in my city or state, would I keep going? Especially if it was not just one but two, three, fifty churches? Would I want my teens to in anyway "let on" to their faith preferences? Would I hide my faith? Would I keep going? Would you?

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Okay, I know, I haven't posted much except when I am promoting stuff. I am trying to work on that, but the body is not really helping me. I just started a new drug, so hopefully, my energy level will increase drastically in the next few weeks.

So on to the promotion. I have finally succumbed to the Internet pressure. I have read about swagbucks for some time. I am hesitant to join the bandwagon or add something new to what I already have to do everyday. BUT, this is different. You simply download the swagbucks toolbar and use it to do your searches. (you don't have to download the toolbar, but I find it helps me to remember to use it.) I have instructed my whole family to use it when using the computer (1 account per household). In 2 days I have earned 11 "bucks". Now, what do you do with these "bucks"? You save them up and then trade them in for gift cards to places like or Starbucks. So, if you are interested, please sign up by clicking on the link below. By signing up under me, you help me earn more points. Let me know in the comments if you have used swag bucks or if you sign up!!

Mrs. M

Friday, March 6, 2009


I started a novel about a month ago. I have thought about doing this for a long time, but never put pen to paper so to speak. So this idea came into my head and I actually sat down and started writing. It was an amazing feeling. The words just poured out of my head, it was really thrilling. I could hear the main character speaking to me. (not like God or anything weird) She even made different choices as the story moved along than I had planned. Then it just stopped. No voices, no writing, no words. I want to blame it on the other "voices" in my head. Other priorities took prominence over the novel. I am seeking to find a way to write. I need quiet. I need order. I went to hear a author speak and she said she had writing pajamas. When she was in those pjs, it sent a signal to her brain that it was writing time. But how is that any different from any other time of the day for me??? Ha! Just kidding. I may try to go to the beach by myself and see if I can jumpstart the story again. I hear once you really get going, you just can't stop. We'll see...
Until next time,
Mrs. M

Monday, March 2, 2009


It is March. It is March and there is snow on the ground. Now, in the north, northeast, I realize that this is not such a big deal. In the south, this is BIG news! It was predicted we might get as much as 6 inches, but luckily it was more like 2 inches. It is pretty, I do love snow, but I had turned my attention to spring. My bulbs are sprouting, Forsythia is blooming and baseball starts this week. So, how can it snow????? Oh well. It did and here we are.

I have been busy clawing myself out of the doldrums for the past 3 weeks (probably why spring is sooo appealing). I have typed up daily chores. I have planned menus for the month. I have started a new plan for recording money and working on a new attitude for money. I feel I am being active and have thrown off the cloak of victim. I hope to keep it up!

Part of my new routine is to write more. So I hope to see you again here real soon,
Mrs. M