Friday, March 27, 2009


When I sit in my place of worship, I feel safe. Not always emotionally safe, as I am the preacher's wife and with that comes some vulnerability. But physically safe. I never worry about my safety or that of my kids. Yes, we have people of all walks of life in our building, but we are safe together. As I listened to NPR this morning, I heard a story of yet another mosque in Palestine being bombed. Fifty people are known to be dead at this time. It made me think about faith. During this Lenten season, we are remembering Jesus' walk during this time. He was heading toward his death and resurrection. He KNEW what was coming, or that is what the Bible says. But even if he didn't know with the certainty of omniscience, he had to know something was up. He was not the most popular person in his area. Yet he kept on. Jews and Muslims in the Middle East are at war with each other. Each time they enter their place of worship, they know they are targets because of their faith. Yet they keep going. I am wondering....if someone bombed a church in my city or state, would I keep going? Especially if it was not just one but two, three, fifty churches? Would I want my teens to in anyway "let on" to their faith preferences? Would I hide my faith? Would I keep going? Would you?

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Joy said...

Haven't heard from you in a while. Know your Dad hasn't been well...hope life is a bit smoother these days.