Monday, March 2, 2009


It is March. It is March and there is snow on the ground. Now, in the north, northeast, I realize that this is not such a big deal. In the south, this is BIG news! It was predicted we might get as much as 6 inches, but luckily it was more like 2 inches. It is pretty, I do love snow, but I had turned my attention to spring. My bulbs are sprouting, Forsythia is blooming and baseball starts this week. So, how can it snow????? Oh well. It did and here we are.

I have been busy clawing myself out of the doldrums for the past 3 weeks (probably why spring is sooo appealing). I have typed up daily chores. I have planned menus for the month. I have started a new plan for recording money and working on a new attitude for money. I feel I am being active and have thrown off the cloak of victim. I hope to keep it up!

Part of my new routine is to write more. So I hope to see you again here real soon,
Mrs. M

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shizzknits said...

Good to see you again. I also took a little blogging break (due to technical issues- damn spyware) and just started posting again.

I hope we see more of you! :)