Friday, March 6, 2009


I started a novel about a month ago. I have thought about doing this for a long time, but never put pen to paper so to speak. So this idea came into my head and I actually sat down and started writing. It was an amazing feeling. The words just poured out of my head, it was really thrilling. I could hear the main character speaking to me. (not like God or anything weird) She even made different choices as the story moved along than I had planned. Then it just stopped. No voices, no writing, no words. I want to blame it on the other "voices" in my head. Other priorities took prominence over the novel. I am seeking to find a way to write. I need quiet. I need order. I went to hear a author speak and she said she had writing pajamas. When she was in those pjs, it sent a signal to her brain that it was writing time. But how is that any different from any other time of the day for me??? Ha! Just kidding. I may try to go to the beach by myself and see if I can jumpstart the story again. I hear once you really get going, you just can't stop. We'll see...
Until next time,
Mrs. M

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