Saturday, February 7, 2009


Last Friday started a week from hell. My soul, my psyche, and my heart would take a beating by Thursday. Blows came from all directions. Blows from teens and friends. I was finally pushed over the edge and Thursday I spent freefalling into the abyss. I wallowed. Yes, I did. I allowed myself that luxury. You know sometimes, I think we have to wallow around in the pain and self-pity to begin the healing process. So, I wallowed. Friday I declared as a day of pleasing myself and Mr. M. We deserved it as it was not only me who had been hit, but Mr. M as well. We took our time and did what we wanted that morning (other than driving Missy to school), I watched a movie, knitted, played Scramble on Facebook. Mr. M took a bath, read, watched a video. We had lunch here at home and decided to go to a movie. It was then that Mr. M had a brilliant idea (have I mentioned how Mr. M is a genius and how I am so in love with him?) we would splurge and go to dinner and a movie and pay FULL PRICE!!! OMG! That doesn't happen in our household much. But he declared that if ever there was a time we needed to splurge, it was now. So Mr. M and Buddy took me to dinner and a movie. It was nice to sit between the 2 men in my life. We went to see Slumdog Millionaire. If you have not seen this movie, RUN do not WALK to the nearest theater and see it immediately. It is incredible! Then I came home quit struggling to read a book I wasn't really in to and began a new exciting book and was asleep by 10:00.

I feel so refreshed this morning. It is like a new week, oh! It is a new week. The temp is supposed to rise to 70 today and I am going to get out and enjoy it, after I get through the mound of laundry that piled up during the week from hell.

Thank you my friends for your kind words, and your deep concern for me this week.

Until next time,
Mrs. M

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