Sunday, December 28, 2008


Downtime is such a wonderful thing. I love the pace of our lives right now. There is absolutely nothing that NEEDS to be done. (especially since we did laundry on Friday) We are free to sleep late, go to bed late, read all day, watch TV all day. We are on our own timetable. It is peaceful. This is the time each year when we usually go to the beach. It is the only week of the year in which everyone in our family is free. We spend this time rejuvenating ourselves and our ties with family. This year, as I think I have mentioned, the beach house we go to is under renovation. Actually it is torn down and a new one is being built in its place. So we are staying home. The problem is that all of Missy and Buddy's friends have also stayed home this year. So we have barely seen Buddy. Missy has been around a bit more, but Buddy is rarely here. We are rejuvenating ourselves this year, but not our ties with each other. As the time for Buddy to leave us gets closer and closer, I am treasuring each moment with him.

Next year we are going to the beach come hell or high water!!!

Till next time,
Mrs. M

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Anonymous said...

Such a strange concept...the beach & Christmas...We try to fit in at least one family outing to a movie and...bowling! Gotta love the bowling! Joy