Monday, December 15, 2008

So many things to talk about, yet so little energy. I am struggling with a cold that just won't go away. It is now traveling done to my chest. ARGHHH!! So, let's just begin.

Here are some photos of my my trip during Thanksgiving. I had such a good time with my friend, M. She is such a hoot.

I tried to teach her to knit.....well....the photo speaks for itself!!!

We went out to eat with my suite mate and roommate from college. They are sooo much fun!! I never realized how much I missed them!!

When I start feeling better I will do the video. But it is too cold and I feel too awful at night. So, the video will have to wait.

Sorry this is so choppy. But that is the best I can do.

Till next time,

Mrs. M.

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