Monday, December 22, 2008

Later That Day

After I posted on Saturday, I spent the day being pampered by my friends. These moms are "parent" friends. Our daughters all hang out together. We have all become close recently and just at the right time in our lives. Anyway, we went to lunch, then a movie, then Barnes and Noble for browsing and coffee. We then came back to my house where elves disguised as my Missy and her friends - JoJo, Abs, Meredith, and KoKo (made up names of course), had cleaned my house, baked a cake and prepared dinner!!!! On top of everything they had each made me cards. It was so interesting to see the cards and how they matched each girls' personalities. So after dinner we read cards and I opened a present from Missy. It was a photo album, the slip in photo kind. The title page said, The Top Ten Reasons I Love My Mom. It continued to list reasons and had cooresponding photos to go with it. I wept. One of the things that made it so touching was that she named the exact things that I have been so sad about. She named it. She knows. And she was thanking me for sticking with her. I will cling to that album. I will peruse it often over the next few years. I will stick by her side no matter what, and I will know that somewhere deep inside her heart, she knows I am here and is grateful.

Happy Holidays and until next time,
Mrs. M

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