Thursday, December 25, 2008


First of all, I and all the M's wish you a very merry Christmas!! I hope your day is bright and filled with peace.

I must write this before I lose it. I will need to reread this over and over again I fear. This morning was a bit difficult. Just a bit ago, as Mr. M and I were talking he said, "You know the worst part of the morning for me was watching you watch Missy. The disappointment was all over your face as she failed to appreciate each gift she was given." He went on to say that our kids are in the transition period. They can still vividly remember the magic of Christmas morning from when they were little but now, that magic eludes them. Thus there is a sense of loss.

Transition. That is a word that I do not like to hear or deal with. Since I read the book Raising a Spirited Child 6 years ago, I recognize inside me a spirited child. This simply means I feel more, I love more, I hate more. In other words I feel intensely. I would say that I am probably at 5x the normal person. Spirited people don't deal well or easily with transition because it is hard to shift gears when going at such high speeds. With time, maturity and practice we get better, but never truly master it. So by saying my children are going through a transition time, means so am I. I had to transition myself from the magic of my childhood to adulthood at Christmas, but then I got to experience it again through my children's eyes. Now as they transition out of this time, again, I need to do the same. But since I am more mature now, and older, and had more practice, it is a bit easier. It is hard to face the realities of my world. But I set my eyes on the now. I have a happy, healthy family who love me. We have a home, food on our table and plenty of love.

I must run now and get the dinner on the table. We will start a new tradition today, going to a movie as a family. As we transition, we will look for new ways to remember that family is where the magic is.

Until next time,
Mrs. M

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