Monday, December 8, 2008

It's Beginning To Look A lot Like Christmas....

Our house has lights up outside. This is a first for the M's. We have had the deer and snowman and the Moravian Star for about 5 years. The kids have been pestering us since they were little to put up lights. So, last year I picked up the icicle lights on the after-Christmas sales. It is amazing how things change in a year. Suddenly the idea of putting up lights and putting out the deer was MY idea which of course equals THE WORST IDEA In THE WORLD!!!! But I persevered. With the help of our neighbor's daughter, Missy got the deer set up with the little lake. Buddy attempted to help me hang the lights from the gutters, but once he realized he wasn't getting on top of the roof, soon lost interest. I kept going, I was determined not to let their lack of Christmas spirit deter me. I did have to have the assistance of my neighbor with his longer ladder. But they are up. And I must say, it looks quite nice. I like having lights on my house. I think even Mr. M thought they looked good. (the question is does he like them enough to help put them up in the future). Last night after a full day of church, putting up Christmas decos outside and grocery shopping, I came to a sudden realization. I am doing quite well physically. No more depression! I feel more energetic, more full of light and I am actually getting things done!!!! It was quite a revelation. I am going to enjoy this time that Humira is allowing me. Let's just hope it continues for a long time!!!!

Well, my tree is lit, the fire is blazing and it is 20 degrees outside. Time to get up and start decorating the inside of my home. I am ready to sit down and enjoy the spirit with a cup of coffee, a fire, my knitting, and a Christmas movie on the TV. I better get moving!!!

But before I do, I must post my Monday Menu!!!

Monday - Chili

Tuesday - Chicken Ragu

Wednesday - Church/Soup for Missy

Thursday - Picadillo

Friday - Staff Christmas Dinner / children on their own

Saturday - Omelets

Sunday - Pizza

One day I will even link up my recipes!!!! :-)

Till next time,

Mrs. M

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Just another SAHM said...

Hooray for holiday decorations! Our's are usually a joint effort - dh takes the outside & I do the inside.
Glad to hear you are feeling good & can't wait to see pics of your lights! :)