Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Hi, my name is Mrs. M, and I am a Facebook addict. Yes, I said it out loud. I am addicted. I love seeing what my friends and family are doing. But here is where the real addiction comes into play. I am addicted to playing Scramble live. Oh I can rationalize, it is helping my brain. I have noticed that my memory is not the greatest lately and with Alzheimer's in my genes, I need to do some kind of word puzzles every day to keep it sharp, right? Well, this is my drug of choice. You are saying but most addictions you do in private, well, I push the button that says I am offline, so nobody can bother me!!! SEE!!! I have a problem!!! Is there Scramble Anonymous for people like me? Cause let me tell you, LOTS of people are on playing this game. In the room that I frequent there are at least 30-50 players every time I go in, no matter the time of day. Oh! The other indication that this has become an addiction? I think of words all the time. SERIOUSLY! I start with one word and think of other words with those letters. It is starting to ruin my life!!!

Until next time, you can find me over on fb playing Scramble!
Mrs. M

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