Thursday, January 15, 2009

It is cold, cold here. Not nearly as cold as in other places, but still, cold. When I have Meinere's I get really dependent and scared to go out. I have been pretty low. So today I got my hair cut. It is cute and edgy. Just what I wanted. I wonder what my family will say, Missy will probably not like it at all! But I do. It makes me feel flirty and alive. What? You want to see? Okay, now keep in mind I had to take these photos myself. So first the short sassy side.
Now for the softer, more feminine side. A little longer, but still a bit sassy!
And now 2 different views. It was hard to get a good full on photo. But you get the idea here.

In fact, I feel so alive that I finally tackled the baking cabinet! I wrote about it back in November, click here to see the before.

Here are the after shots:
I changed the shelf paper and labeled the baskets and shelves. Hopefully now the teens will actually put things where they belong! You think? I was on such a roll I went ahead and organized the spice cabinet as well.

And you know the thing about organizing is that it makes you feel so productive. I am now ready to get back to baking my own bread every day, anything to have an excuse to open that cupboard!!! :-)

So, what about you? What needs organizing in your house? Just set aside 15 minutes and clear out the cabinet. The next step is to put like things with like for instance in the spice cabinet, the middle shelf has all baking spices on the turntable. The bottom shelf has all cooking spices. The very top shelf has a basket with all decorating supplies in it. Then throw away old spices and empty bottles. Combine the 2 bottles of Basil that you have because it was so messy you didn't know you already had some. Then start putting back in the cabinet. And in 15 minutes you will have an organized cabinet. (If you choose to change the shelf paper, like I did, you might need a little more for measuring and cutting.) Hope you will give it a try. Leave me a comment and tell me about your experience!!

Till next time,
Mrs. M

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