Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My First Love

ORGANIZATION!!! I really like to be organized. No back up.....I LOVE to be organized. When someone says "Mom/Honey where is......" I LOVE to be able to go straight to it and put my hands on it or better yet tell them where to go. Ha! (sometimes I wouldn't mind telling them EXACTLY where to go.....I do have teenagers ya know!!)
Evidently I was this way from birth. My mom says that as early as 2 or 3 she would put me to bed in a messy room and come back to check on me later and the room would be cleaned up. I would say that I couldn't sleep in a messy room. I wouldn't go that far now....but I do like to work in an organized space. As Mr. M would attest, our bedroom is far from neat all the time. But underneath, there is a system of organization. Everything has a place.....we just don't always put it back there! (wish I could wriggle my nose like Tabitha did and everything would magically fly into place.) The equivalent off wriggling my nose, is me getting in there and organizing it. From time to time things must be reorganized. Sometimes the old system just doesn't work. That is what brings me to today's post.

I have 2 areas right now that are in need of reorganization. Okay, shut up! I know they don't look like there was a first organization, there was, when we moved in 9 years ago! Are you done laughing yet? Let's move on.

The first area is the cabinet above where I do my baking (like I have a big kitchen with places designated for all my different activities...okay wake up!). Back to the cabinet. It holds measuring utensils, mixing bowls, cutting boards, mixes, etc. Here is what it currently looks like:

Here is a closer shot of the bottom right:

This final shot is a close up in the next cabinet over, but is still baking stuff. Mainly decorating stuff, not stuff that is used everyday.

This will take maybe 30 minutes or an hour at best. The biggest chore is figuring out the best solution without having to purchase new containers. (don't get me started on containers....I love containers.....I lust after containers.........)

The second project is a bit more involved. It is the laundry room....okay closet! I have done NOTHING to this closet except replace the dryer. So, 9 years of lint? UGH!!! Makes me gag to think about. But I have a great friend who is butch enough to be good with power tools. She just redid her laundry closet and it sounds VERY much like what I have in my head. So I will go check hers out and start making plans. I need more storage space. When you coupon and stockpile, you have to have space to put everything! So I envision wide wooden shelves. Maybe bright red walls? Or bright yellow? Something that says, "Laundry is not your enemy!" :-) What color would that be? Any ideas? Okay, on with the photos:

I think you get the gist. As you can see, there are several items sitting on the dryer waiting for a place on a shelf. This room does not invite me!! Since laundry is my least favorite chore, I need to be invited!!! Okay, some of you are probably wondering what is the sign on top of the washer. Well, it is from Mr. M! Surprised, aren't you? Here is what it says:
1. Do not wash anything but a full load.
2. If you have less than a full load, get dirty clothes from other family members.
3. Do not wash the same clothes repeatedly, wear all your clothes before washing.
4. Do not start laundry after 10:00 p.m. Some people sleep 6 ft. from the washer.
5. Do not use the dryer to "iron" clothes.
6. The environment and our bank account thank you for following these simple guidelines.
-The Management
He has such a sense of humor!!!! Has the sign done any good? Well, yea. Mainly because it came from Dad and not MOM!!!!
I am going to leave this topic for now. I have some other shots of organizing tools that have helped me, but I will save those for another day. This post is already too long! Stayed tune to see the progress!
Till next time,
Mrs. M

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