Sunday, November 16, 2008

Feed My Soul Sunday

The following things/people/events feed my soul on this day:

- beautiful fall leaves

- sun shining in full force

- three little words "I love you" especially from my teen!

- watching the twins and Missy walk down the aisle at Target holding hands and laughing

- seeing the pride in my son as he describes his performance at a college baseball camp

- listening to the early morning quiet of my home knowing all my "chickadees" are here and well

- anticipation of a trip

- reconnecting with old friends, especially the one who is and forever will be my soul sister.

- seeing the love and desire in my hubby's eyes

- watching the bounce in Mr. M's step after losing 60 pounds!!!!!

What feeds your soul on this day? Please share.

Till next time,
Mrs. M

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