Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My religious journey ~GASP~

So, I took the plunge. I went out on a limb. I risked it all. You are probably asking yourself, "What the hell is she talking about?" Well, I sent the link to this blog to some friends. Some of these friends are blog buddies, some old knitting pals, and many are friends from my past with whom I have reconnected. I figure, they would like to know what I am up to now, so what better way to follow my life, but through my blog!

So the question remains, what is the big risk? Well, I have taken a much different path than the one most of my high school and college friends did. I was on that path with them physically but never fully spiritually. You know what I mean? I was constantly questioning things inside my head. NEVER out loud. NO, I was raised to believe, not question. And I was a good girl! When I got to college, I had a professor who asked questions too. The cool thing was, he didn't always give you the answers. He felt it important for each student to look in their own heart for their answers. WOW!! So that was the beginning. Then I met Jack and we went to seminary. We searched for a church for some time. We had a hard time finding one that felt "right". Jack was beginning to question some of the fundamentals of his faith as well. We finally hit upon Broadway Baptist church thanks to INGS (who btw were on the same journey as us). In the first worship I let a long sigh, I was home. It was high, formal church, it was amazing! I relaxed and truly worshipped for the first time in my life! My soul was fed beyond belief. The social ministries there answered many of the questions my heart had kept asking.

So I continued on that journey. I kept asking questions. We kept moving and going to different churches and having different experiences. Along the way there have been many bumps. I usually stop at these bumps look around, listen to the old tapes in my head from my childhood, talk to those I trust and either change some things, or keep going with the faith I have. Do I believe in God? Oh yea! Do I believe in Jesus? Sure! Do I believe the Bible is the exact word of God? No. This is where I lose some of you, I know. But that is okay. At least it is okay with me. I have a faith in God that picks me up, holds me, sustains me, challenges me. That is what it is about for me. Your faith is yours. I don't need to agree with you to love you. In fact, I want people to have the kind of faith that allows them to be their best.

So, I am out of the closet, so to speak!! :-) (yes, I believe gays are okay!) I am me. I laugh out loud just as before. I still don't get jokes. I am still quite quirky. I am still gullible, but maybe not as much. I still cry at movies. I still love to read. I am me. I love my God and I am serving her to my best ability.

So, if after reading this I haven't scared you away, welcome to my new blog. Pull up a chair, pour a cuppa joe and share my life with me. (if you have a blog, share with me! I love to read!)

Till next time,
Mrs. M

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fourlane said...

I am honored that you invited me to your new blog. I did occasionally "pop" over to your old blog as I enjoyed keeping up with the "M family".


BTW - I will probably send the scrapbook in a couple of weeks when I send out some Christmas gifts. I'll let you know when I do.