Monday, November 10, 2008

Triple coupons!

Harris Teeter (a local grocery chain) had triple coupons last weekend. This is a time where you can really stock up on groceries and toiletries. This is a shot of what all I got!

This is $304.18 of food. I paid $136.15! Not my BEST but pretty dang good. The most important thing is that I REALLY NEEDED many of these items. Plus bread and wheat flour was on sale, so even though I didn't have coupons, I bought those. I have seen on many blogs where they go through and tell you everything they bought and the savings. I will have to think about that and whether that is something I am interested in pursuing. Stay tuned.

I am considering changing my coupon system. I have been using the binder method, but it is bulky and not so easy to handle when my arthritis is flaring. PLUS, it is too big to carry around, just in case! So I am considering moving to a new system. I have seen two options. The first one I saw at Richelle's Reflections. Go over there and check that out. I think that may be what I try next. Mainly because I don't have to buy anything. :-)

The second method is called the Couponizer. Go over there and look at that one. Choices, choices. But like I said, I will probably start with the first one since I don't have to buy anything. I will update you when I get it all together and show you my photos.

Well, I was going to give you a preview to my week via photos but all of a sudden my camera went out. I am hoping it just needs to charge, or needs a new battery!!! Well, you will just have to wait!

Till tomorrow,

Mrs. M

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