Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fall Leaves

Yesterday didn't exactly turn out as I had planned. And if I am honest, that happens a lot. But having a plan, and knowing what needs to be done in a week, still helps me. I have learned not to get so wrapped up in my schedule or plans that I can't be spontaneous or go with the flow. I usually accomplish all the tasks for the week by Friday, except when illness creeps up. So what did I do yesterday? Well, it is COLD here today and yesterday was warmer (60's) so I chose to blow the leaves in my yard. For those of you who live in the desert or Texas and don't know what I am talking about, I have photos. Now, this is a time consuming, exhausting endeavor. I spent 4 hours yesterday just getting the front yard done.

I blew part of the leaves around the plantings in my yard, in the natural areas.

These are the leaves in front of my house waiting for the truck to come along and suck em all up! To give you some perspective, the piles are 2 feet high (to my knees) and that is about 20 ft. long. But wait, here is the kicker........
That tree is still full of leaves!!! I am telling you, this is a HUGE endeavor! I LOVE trees, but I hate their leaves!!!!
I also did a little thrift shopping. I was out.....so I decided to shop a little. I got a great little organizer that I will try to share later.
So, I am off to finish Monday's tasks so I can get on with today's!!
Till next time,
Mrs. M

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Heather said...

I love those giant piles of leaves, too!!