Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My first entry

I have blogged for a few years at another site. But the site got too many visitors from my area and specifically from my church, so I had to quit. Mr. M is a pastor and thus what I say can have an impact on him. So this go around I am trying to be as discreet as possible.

I am so excited about the election. At least now I don't have to make plans to move. I think buddy and missy would have hated moving anyway. Well and of course the cold and dark. Yea, I'm really glad Obama won. I have to admit the thought of Sarah Palin in the White House scared me on soooo many levels. Oh well. Enough politics. This is not a political blog.

I am started back into my knitting. You will hear lots about this and probably see lots of photos!! I finished missy's friend's socks. Now for the second pair (they are twins). Hopefully it will go fast!! I had to take some time off for shoulder surgery and healing.

Tomorrow is triple coupons at Harris Teeter. I am psyched!!! I MUST get my coupons organized though!! Hopefully lots of deals will be posted here!!

And finally my last project is organizing the laundry room and the cabinets above the baking/cooking area. Maybe some photos of that as well.

Until tomorrow....

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Joy said...

Great to see you are writing again. And I say go ahead and let loose on politics once in a while. I dared to do that on my blog. Of course, I'm not sure who (if anyone) is reading it. Sad about the need to be discreet, but totally understandable. Don't you wish it could be different? Well..welcome back!

PS-Jealous of the triple coupon opportunities. Don't have that in these parts. Remember it from Texas though.