Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Letter to my Mom

Dear Mom,

I realize you probably wish you could have gotten this letter 25-30 years ago, but I wasn't ready then. Only now do I fully comprehend the full extent of the pain I caused. So I hope the saying is true, "Better late than never."

I am sorry for the eye rolling. I am sorry for the huffing and puffing, the door slamming, the words of impatience. I am sorry for making you feel like your were stupid and "uncool". I am sorry for the time I wasted when we could have been bonding even more. I am sorry for the times when I made you dread even being around me. I am sorry for the pain I caused.

I know that you realized back then that this was part of growing up. That during our teens we begin to separate ourselves from our parents and forge our own identities. You knew that none of those actions were really personal, they were just my own clumsy way of showing you I could stand on my own two feet. I know, you know.

I still feel the need to apologize for the pain it caused. You were always so patient, and rarely lost your cool with me. You seemed to just accept this stage as you had all the others. Maybe it helped that you had little bro at home giving you lots of love still. I don't know. I do know one thing. I love you and am thankful you are my mom and my example of how to mother my teenage daughter. (but seriously, how did you keep from killing me? Cause some days.........)

Thank you, Mom. I love you and always will.

Till next time,
Mrs. M.

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Kathleen from Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Hi Kaki, I did not realize this was the knitting Kaki until I read your first entry. So glad you are back to blogging and your blog is beautiful!I will replace your old blog address with this new blog address. So good to hear you are coming to Texas. Your letter to your Mom made me cry. My daughter has just done some hurtful things starting back in February. Only God himself has turned her around and she is back in our lives once again. She has not apologized, I will never expect her too, but your letter really touched base with me. I am just so thankful she has turned back into the daughter we once had and that she is talking to me again. It is all I have ever prayed for. Good to see you back. Blessings,Kathleen