Sunday, November 23, 2008


I may have had one of my most enjoyable flying experiences ever yesterday. I am currently at my parents' house. But yesterday, waiting on my first plane, I ran into one of my friends who is a baseball mom. Her daughter, Elizabeth, was with her and E used to have a HUGE crush on buddy! She is only 6 years younger than him!! :-) Anyway, it turned out that the first leg of our trip was together on the same plane. So they saved me a seat and I joined them. It was so nice. We chatted the whole way and caught up entirely by the time the plane landed. Along the way, I had met a nice family that was also travelling to my final destination. She was a knitter as well and we got to talking about knitting. So the second part of my trip I shared my Sensational Knitted Socks book with her. I sat next to an older couple couple and they were really sweet, but unfortunately she sat on my right and so I had to be careful with my arm while knitting. So I had to get up repeatedly to stretch my shoulder. (My PT will be so proud to know that I did his exercises up in the air!!!) The last leg of my trip I sat next to twins who were college students. They were fun to talk to. They don't room together, so they were catching up with each other as well. Their enthusiasm was contagious. They were so excited to be coming home!

So the time seemed to fly until I landed the last time. Then it all caught up with me and I just wanted to eat and crawl into bed. But over the last two years my dad has become an even worse driver (who knew that was even remotely possible), so I drove an hour to get us home. It is nice to be here. Nice to see them. Have a feeling you will be hearing more about my family later. When the sun comes up here (I'm still on my time) I will take pics of my socks I worked on yesterday!

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Kathleen from Yesteryear Embroideries said...

How wonderful your flight turned out so well. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Blessings, Kathleen