Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The last two days have been nice. My younger brother and his wife and 2 little girls came over Sunday to visit. It was nice, but around 1:00 I just hit the wall. I just got up and climbed in bed and slept VERY hard for 2 hours. Never heard the little girls! Yesterday was a bit better. I am slowly getting into the swing here. I am glad I came early so I could recoup before the onslaught of people hit.

My neices are just precious. They are sweet, shy and adorable. Well, see for yourself! They are night and day. The oldest looks just like her mother and her side of the family. The younger one looks just like me and my brother. They are both beautiful!
I have enjoyed my time with my parents. We shopped and hung out yesterday. Mom and I watched The Great Debaters. Awesome movie. Then we went to the theatre to see The Secret Lives of Bees. OMG! If you haven't read the book, see the movie. It is inspiring!!!
Today we have done some cleaning up and are getting ready go pick up Mr. M, Buddy, and Missy. I can't wait for my parents to see them. Unfortunately, my parents haven't seen my kids in 2 years!! It will be quite the surprise!!!
Till next time,
Mrs. M

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