Saturday, January 17, 2009


Jane is having yet another giveaway. This one is even more fantastic!! I love using reuseable bags to grocery shop. I try to get cute ones, but honestly, I use what is free. I got some at the State Fair one year from the cable company. They were free and I made my whole family walk through and get one. They are flimsy though and really only good for chips or bread. Of course, I still use them. I got a nice free one from Kroger that has a bottom and sturdy sides. These hotSACKS look very chic and they are different sizes and look sturdy! So, Jane is giving away a set of 5 bags!! Plus the produce bags. Now, that I don't have!! I really need those. I buy a lot of produce and those bags bother me! So much plastic and what a waste! So, go on over there and get your name in the drawing! I hope I win and get the Lime Scream!! Wish me luck!!

Until next time,

Mrs. M

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